Case Study

Therapia EMR System


Streamlining Mental Healthcare with Therapia's EMR System

Helium Services collaborated with Dr. Shailesh Patel, founder of Therapia, to develop a comprehensive Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system specifically tailored for the needs of mental health professionals. Therapia empowers therapists and healthcare providers with a user-friendly platform to manage patient information, improve clinical workflows, and enhance the overall experience for both therapists and patients.

The Challenge

Build an EMR like no other

Managing patient information and workflows in mental healthcare can be demanding due to the unique nature of the field. Traditional EMR systems often lack features and functionalities specific to mental health, hindering efficient care delivery.

The Solution

A Game-Changing Mental Health EMR

Helium Services developed Therapia, a dedicated EMR system designed to address the specific needs of mental health professionals. Therapia offers:

  • Streamlined Patient Management: Securely store and manage patient demographics, medical history, treatment plans, and progress notes within a centralized platform.
  • Enhanced Clinical Tools: Utilize specialized features for progress tracking, assessment tools, and care plan development, tailored for the mental health field.
  • Improved Communication: Facilitate secure communication with patients and collaborate effectively with other healthcare providers involved in the patient’s care.

The Highlights

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Patient Records: Store and manage all essential patient information, including demographics, medical history, diagnoses, medications, allergies, and immunizations.
  • Tailored Assessment Tools: Utilize mental health-specific assessment tools and standardized measures to track patient progress and inform treatment decisions.
  • Customizable Care Plans: Develop individualized care plans with clear goals, interventions, and progress monitoring measures.
  • Secure Messaging: Communicate securely with patients through an integrated messaging system, promoting patient engagement and adherence to treatment plans.
  • Appointment Management: Schedule appointments, track availability, and send automated appointment reminders to patients.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Generate comprehensive reports to track treatment progress, measure outcomes, and gain insights into patient care.

The Software

Technologies Used

Ruby on Rails

Vanilla JavaScript

Secure Cloud-Based Infrastructure

HIPAA-Compliant Data Encryption




The Results


Increase efficiency: Streamline workflows, improve data organization, and reduce administrative tasks for mental health professionals.

Enhance quality of care: Facilitate evidence-based practice, improve care coordination, and optimize treatment plans for patients.

Improve patient engagement: Foster secure communication and provide patients with a more convenient and personalized healthcare experience.

By partnering with Dr. Patel and developing Therapia, Helium Services has contributed to a valuable tool that empowers mental health professionals to deliver high-quality care and improve overall patient outcomes.

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