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Client - Karen Denker

Karen Denker

Director, Brill Inc.

Their willingness to work with us and be nimble when there were schedule or personnel changes set them apart.

Client - Mark Newton

Mark Newton

Co-founder, TortIQ

They were able to quickly understand our needs and develop cost-effective solutions in an honest, timely manner.

Client - Mia Chester

Mia Chester

Program Director, Alter Dementia (Emory University)

Helium wants to understand more about our program, and they’ve shown a genuine interest in our organization.


Specialists onboard in engineering, design and product management.

9 years

Of experience in providing software development based in Atlanta, GA.


Of our Clients trust Helium with ongoing software development and maintenance.

Custom Software Development

We convert your ideas into software systems and processes that optimize your or your customers’ business performance. Our developers are always up to date on the latest technology trends and use the best tools and techniques.

Cloud & DevOps

Our team enables organizations to efficiently manage and deploy their IT infrastructure and applications. Our expertise can provide the flexibility, scalability and reliability needed to support the growth and innovation of your business.

Big Data & Analytics

We utilize advanced data engineering techniques to extract critical business information from a vast array of sources. Our expertise empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions and gain valuable insights from their knowledge.


We develop AI and ML software that learns and adapts. Our services include algorithm and model development, automation, and predictive analytics for businesses seeking to innovate and enhance decision-making.

Internet of Things

As IoT solution builders, we can adapt to a wide range of IoT challenges, including scalability, AI and ML capabilities, storage and management of data from various sources, and numerous connected devices.

Mobile Development

We provide custom mobile application development solutions. There are ready-made patterns in various application areas, such as PSA and RWP, that can be combined with your product ideas or entirely new solutions based on your product needs that we can build.

UI/UX Design

Our research-based design process enables us to dig deep into your product’s essence, who your customers are, and what they expect from your product so that we can provide optimum design solutions based on your exact needs.

QA as a Service

We provide a wide range of quality assurance services that can meet your needs. Get feedback and assistance from our team of testing professionals with different backgrounds and expertise, whether you need a detailed QA analysis or specialized QA services.

Consulting Service

Get an expert review of your software systems from a multi-faceted technology expert community that strives to share its knowledge so that you can achieve better results in building a software product.