Case Study

Terminus Stack Grader


Empowering Terminus with the Account Based Marketing Stack Grading Tool

Helium Services collaborated with Terminus, a leading account-based marketing (ABM) platform provider, to develop their innovative Account Based Marketing Stack Grading Tool. This tool empowers marketing professionals to assess their current marketing technology stack’s effectiveness for ABM strategies and receive personalized recommendations for optimization.

The Challenge

Build an Inbound Marketing Tool for ABM

Selecting and maintaining the optimal marketing technology stack is crucial for successful ABM execution. However, marketers often struggle to evaluate the alignment of their existing stack with ABM best practices and identify potential gaps or areas for improvement. This lack of clear insights can hinder ABM campaign effectiveness and limit marketing ROI.

The Solution

Better Leads for Terminus

Helium Services developed a user-friendly, web-based Account Based Marketing Stack Grading Tool as part of Terminus’ platform. This interactive tool offers the following functionalities:

  • Stack Selection: Users can easily select their current marketing tools from a comprehensive list.
  • Real-Time Grading: The tool analyzes the user’s chosen stack against key ABM criteria, providing an immediate and personalized grade.
  • Detailed Recommendations: Based on the analysis, the tool offers actionable recommendations for optimizing the user’s stack to better align with ABM requirements.

The Highlights

Key Features

Data-Driven Insights: The tool leverages user-provided data to deliver personalized and actionable recommendations, empowering informed decision-making.

User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive interface allows marketers of all technical backgrounds to easily navigate and utilize the tool.

Mobile-Responsive Design: The tool is optimized for seamless access across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, ensuring accessibility for busy marketers on the go.

Data Recording and Retargeting: The platform records user stack information and utilizes pixels for retargeting, enabling further marketing efforts.

The Software

Technologies Used


Vanilla JavaScript




The Results


The Account Based Marketing Stack Grading Tool has been instrumental in empowering Terminus users to:

  • Gain valuable insights: Users gain a comprehensive understanding of their stack’s alignment with ABM best practices, identifying areas for improvement.
  • Optimize their stack: The personalized recommendations guide users in optimizing their stack, leading to more effective and efficient ABM execution.
  • Enhance campaign performance: By leveraging an optimized stack, users can expect improved campaign performance and a greater return on their marketing investment.

This successful collaboration demonstrates Helium Services’ commitment to developing innovative solutions that empower businesses like Terminus to achieve their marketing goals through data-driven insights and actionable recommendations.

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