Case Study

Skimcast AI Mobile App


Building the Mobile App and Enabling Serverless Efficiency for Skimcast's Text Summarization Platform

Helium Services partnered with Skimcast, a company pioneering innovative text summarization solutions, to deliver a comprehensive solution. This collaboration involved two key aspects:

  • Developing a Mobile App: We designed a seamless mobile app for Skimcast’s platform, empowering users to effortlessly interact with their text summarization technology powered by OCR.
  • Migrating to a serverless architecture: We transitioned Skimcast’s platform to AWS Lambda, a serverless compute service, to enhance scalability and optimize resource utilization.

This case study explores how Helium Services’ expertise helped Skimcast refine their user experience and achieve operational efficiency.

The Challenge

Build "Cliffs Notes" on Demand

Skimcast possessed a powerful OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology and summarization engine that efficiently extracted key information from textual content. However, they lacked a user-friendly interface and a scalable infrastructure to support potential growth. The challenge was to create an intuitive UI that facilitates user interaction and migrate their platform to a serverless architecture for cost-effectiveness and scalability.

The Solution

Instant Text Summarization & Serverless Efficiency

Helium Services addressed the challenge with a two-pronged approach:

  • Mobile App Development: We designed a user-friendly and visually appealing mobile app that prioritizes ease of use and clarity. Key features include:
    • Simple and intuitive navigation for document upload, summary access, and preference management.
    • Clear presentation of summaries in user-friendly formats, highlighting crucial points.
    • Customization options for summary length and content display preferences.
  • Serverless Migration: We transitioned Skimcast’s platform to AWS Lambda, a serverless compute service. This eliminates the need for server management and allows Skimcast to:
    • Scale automatically based on user traffic, ensuring smooth operation during peak usage periods.
    • Reduce operational costs by only paying for the resources utilized.

The Highlights

Key Features

  • Drag-and-drop document upload: Effortlessly upload documents for summarization with a simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • Progress visualization: Track the summarization process with clear visual indicators of progress.
  • Multiple summary options: Choose from various summary lengths to match individual needs and preferences.
  • Interactive content exploration: Navigate through the summarized text using intuitive navigation tools and highlighted key points.
  • Personalization settings: Fine-tune the text summarization experience by adjusting summary length, content display format, and other preferences.
  • Serverless architecture: Leverage AWS Lambda for automatic scaling and optimized resource utilization.

The Software

Technologies Used

Xamarin (iOS & Android Cross Platform)

AWS Lambda Serverless Compute Service


"Two months after launch the was downloaded 10,000 times!"

– Mark Newton, Co-founder

Mark Newton Client

The Results


The combined efforts of UI development and serverless migration are expected to yield significant benefits for Skimcast:

  • Enhanced User Experience: The user-friendly UI provides a clear and engaging platform for users to interact with Skimcast’s text summarization technology.
  • Increased Platform Adoption: A seamless experience attracts and retains users, boosting platform adoption.
  • Scalability and Efficiency: AWS Lambda ensures automatic scaling to accommodate user growth, while optimizing resource utilization and reducing operational costs.
  • Amplified Impact: The well-designed UI and serverless architecture empower Skimcast to make their text summarization solution readily accessible to a wider audience.

By collaborating with Skimcast, Helium Services has contributed to a valuable solution that streamlines text summarization, enhances user experience, and fosters operational efficiency through a serverless architecture. This empowers Skimcast to deliver a time-saving and insightful content exploration experience for their users.

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