Case Study

Emory University Mobile App


Empowering Seniors with the Georgia Memory Net App

Helium Services collaborated with Emory University and Georgia Memory Net (GMN) to develop a user-friendly mobile app. This app empowers individuals facing Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, their care partners, and healthcare professionals with valuable resources and support.

The Challenge


Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias can be overwhelming for patients, care partners, and healthcare professionals alike. Accessing information, navigating the healthcare system, and finding support can be a significant challenge.

The Solution

A Trusted Resource for Alzheimers & Dementia

The Georgia Memory Net app offers a comprehensive mobile resource, catering to the distinct needs of each user group:

  • Patients & Care Partners:
    • Access educational content about Alzheimer’s and dementia.
    • Locate Memory Assessment Clinics (MACs) for diagnosis and support.
    • Set personalized reminders for appointments and medication.
    • Store vital information and connect with support networks.
  • Healthcare Professionals:
    • Stay informed about the latest medical news and resources related to Alzheimer’s and dementia.
    • Easily access essential information about MACs and their services.
    • Streamline communication and collaboration with patients and care partners.

The Highlights

Key Features

User-Centric Design: The app features a clean and intuitive interface, ensuring accessibility for users of all technical backgrounds.
Content Management System: Authorized personnel can easily update and maintain content, ensuring consistent and up-to-date information.
Location-Based Services: Users can leverage location services with consent to find nearby MACs and relevant resources.
Personalized Reminders: Patients and care partners can set reminders for appointments, medication, and other essential tasks.
Push Notifications: Timely push notifications deliver critical updates, reminders, and new content alerts.
Secure Account Management: Patients and care partners can create accounts to access features like note-taking, and managing support networks.

The Software

Technologies Used

React Native





The Results


The Georgia Memory Net app is expected to:

  • Empower individuals: Provide patients, care partners, and healthcare professionals with the resources and support they need to navigate the challenges of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.
  • Improve access to information: Facilitate easy access to reliable information about the disease, available resources, and healthcare services.
  • Enhance communication and collaboration: Foster better communication and collaboration between patients, care partners, and healthcare professionals.

This collaborative project exemplifies Helium Services’ commitment to leveraging technology to create positive social impact and empower individuals facing complex healthcare challenges.


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