Why you need #Slack

We use Slack every day to communicate internally, with strategic partners, and clients.
So, what is Slack? It is a team communication tool that provides real-time messaging, archiving and search capabilities. Initially, Slack did not sound like much more than iMessage or email to me. I was wrong, dead wrong.

With a beautifully simple interwoven set of communication features, Slack has given me back countless hours that would have been wasted on email, phone calls, and messages.

There are three main ways to communicate with Slack.
1. Channels.

Channels are the broadest form of communication on Slack. They are meant for conversations about a project, topic, or team. We use Channels most often for projects. This a great way to communicate with all project stakeholders at one time.

2. Direct Messaging.

Direct Messaging is exactly what it sounds like. It is meant for communication among two individuals or smaller groups. We use Direct Messages for conversations that do not need to be shared with the larger group.

3. Calls.

Much like Skype or Facetime, Slack has it’s own call and video call feature. This is perfect when a message just won’t do. Having calls integrated into Slack will save you time by removing the need to open another app, share invite links, and fumble with access codes.

Two reasons you will love Slack.
Simple Sharing.

With Slack, sharing is a breeze. Simply drag and drop files, images, videos, PDFs, documents, and spreadsheets to share them with anyone you want.

Incredible Search.

Slack’s search capability is what set them apart from any other business communication tool. You can search everything in Slack. That is not an exaggeration. Search messages, notifications, files, you name it.

You can even search for a word within a file that is shared on Slack. For example, if you search for a word or phrase that is within a Google Doc, Slack will find it. For us, this puts an end to things like scrolling through endless emails to find an attachment or file. Best of all, you can search an 18-month-old conversation or attachment, and view it in context.

Give slack a try, you won’t be disappointed. There is official web version, and they offer apps for iOS (iPhone), Mac, Android, and Windows.