5 Awesome 3D Touch Tips for iPhone 7

The new iPhone 7 and iOS 10 are awesome.

The new iPhone 7 and iOS 10 are awesome, especially if you upgraded from an iPhone 6 (or older) like me. When Apple introduce the 3D touch (at that time it was called ForceTouch) for the iPhone 6S, it was still in its infancy.

A generation later, 3D Touch is absolutely fantastic. I’ll admit, there is a learning curve, but after a few days, it is wonderful. Some of these may have been in the iPhone 6s, but they are new to me!


TIP #1. Press the Flashlight icon for 3 brightness options

There is nothing worse than trying to use your iPhone flashlight in a dark room or movie theater and blinding yourself and everyone else. 3D Touch for the flashlight now has brightness options. The low light is perfect for reading menus at dark restaurants or reading in bed.


TIP #2. Press the Waze App icon for one-touch directions to Home or Work.

Waze is the best GPS application on the planet. If you use Apple Maps or Google Maps, do yourself a favor and give Waze a try. For Waze, 3D Touch enables you to simply press the app icon and you are presented with the option to get directions to Home or Work. This is a perfect way to keep your eyes on the road and off of your phone.


TIP #3: Press down on any letter or the spacebar on the keypad to move the cursor.

We have all had that moment when we are trying to change just one letter in a text message or number in a street address after we type it. You have to put your thumb over the text and try to move the cursor into the right spot. It is the worst. With 3D touch, you can move the cursor with the keyboard.


TIP #4: Press down on the calculator icon to view or copy the last result.

The iPhone calculator has not seen very many changes over the years. With 3D touch, you can copy your last calculation without having to reopen the app. This may not be revolutionary, but it’s big news for the calculator.


TIP #5. Press down on the camera icon for quick access to (1) Take Photo, (2) Record Slo-Mo, (3) Record Video, and (4) Take Selfie.

A few seconds can make all the difference between capturing a memory and missing the moment. The 3D touch gives you quick access to the four most popular camera functions.

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