Validate your app with Facebook

With the barrage of spam emails and fake websites, consumers are getting more particular with what companies they share their information with.On the other hand, companies like Facebook and Google have built trust with their users. The same goes for other social media companies like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Yahoo.

These social media companies are the blue chip, trusted companies in the consumer software world. The average American spends about 40 minutes on Facebook and Google is the number one search engine by a landslide. So how can you leverage the power of these companies for your application? By adding Facebook or social media login to your application!

  • Validate your company by borrowing the brand equity of a big player
  • Make sign in faster and easier
  • Simplify account setup
  • Access to basic profile data

Not everyone will want to connect their social media account with your application. That is why you still want to offer the option to sign up using an email address or phone number.