Case Studies

Dynamic Notes

 About Dynamic Notes Dynamic Notes increases customer response with personalized notes designed to exactly mimic handwriting in mere seconds. The Rehonic Agency is an Allstate insurance brokerage known for keeping a competitive edge through innovation. Consumers are sent countless amounts of advertising mail every day. It is obvious that most of these are printed. In the…

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Kakuto Submission Challenge

Kakuto Submission Challenge increases productivity by 1,000% Helium’s custom software solution helped the organizers of the Kakuto Submission Challenge increase productivity and revenue by 1,000%. The Kakuto Submission Challenge is a mixed martial arts tournament with opportunity for major growth. Yet, with no software in place to manage registration, match creation, match management, and results…

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About Skimcast Skimcast lets you read less and _____ more. You fill in the blank. Just snap a photo, or upload an ebook or PDF, and Skimcast gives you the summary. It is like Cliffs Notes on steroids. The founder of Skimcast, Dr. Bill Hollingsworth, was born with a rare medical condition affecting his sight and…

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